Gerard van den Akker photography


Welcome to the photography portfolio of Gerard van den Akker. On this site you can see some of his work.

Amsterdam Plesmanlaan

One of the key features of the Dutch landscape are the bicycle lanes. This one is in the western part of the city. I used several stealth gear gradual filters for this photo.

Young girl at the water

A young girl at the shores of the Baltic Sea, who has just picked some reed.

0029: Skye Cow

I took this picture of a cow on the Isle of Skye, Scotland.

Daffodil in the morning

At sunrise in Amsterdam, during a soft winter, I looked at this daffodil and decided to test my new macro lens.

Lovcen National Park

The landscape in Lovcen National Park, Montenegro.

Mark IV coming out of the fog

I took this photo at the Tank Event 2016, organised by the National Military Museum in the Netherlands. Here you see a replica of a Mark IV, a British tank used in the First World War, coming out of the fog.

Gent: Sint-Niklaaskerk

This is the view of the Sint-Niklaaskerk (Saint Nicolas' Church) in Ghent across the Emile Braun square. I used a gradual nd filter in front of the lens.

Reichsburg Cochem

Reichsburg Cochem was a former imperial castle first mentioned in 1130.

5233: More sunrise at Stonehenge

Another photo I took at Stonehenge, during sunrise.

Selfoss waterfall

Sellfoss is an 11 meter high waterfall, hidden behind the water vapor in the distance. You see the dozens of side waterfalls that complete the Selfoss waterfall complex.

Wineranks in Slovenia

Here we see wineranks in Slovenia, along with my car. I'm not exactly sure where I took the photo: it was on my route from Ljubljana to the Croatian border. I went 'off-route' and rode through some villages and encountered border guards that were surprised to see a tourist.

Tukhela river and mountain

THe Tukhela river with the mountains in the back